About us
ALZA existed for more than 5 years. This is the place where you will find the dress of your dreams, this is a real paradise for girls. In our two-story spacious boutique of evening dresses, located in the center of sunny Baku, there are more than 600 outfits for every taste and budget. The boutique presents dresses of different price category, as well as a variety of styles: dresses for the wedding guests, for birthdays, parties, graduation, plus size dresses, dresses for pregnant women - in short for any event. We have professional tailors and dressmakers in the house, ready to make any changes to the dress, as well as sew an exclusive outfit for you. One of the main advantages of ALZA is that you can not only buy, but also rent our dresses: from each dress we have at least 2 copies - one for sale, one for rent. Come to ALZA and get into the world of beauty!
Wedding boutique
In our boutique of wedding dresses, ALZA presents more than 100 models of wedding dresses. Our consultants will help you choose a dream dress with your budget in mind. We do not doubt - in our two-story spacious boutique with outfits for every taste, you can definitely choose a dress that will make you feel special and confident on your important date.
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We work every day to be better and better for your most special dates.
Big choice
We are distinguished by a huge selection of dresses for every taste: dresses for a wedding, for a prom, dresses for pregnant women, +size dresses and so on
Our boutique presents dresses of different price category, for almost any budget
We are located in the heart of the city, near the metro station and bus stops, branches of evening and wedding dresses are located close to each other
Friendly staff
Our staff constantly receives trainings to improve the quality of service, we recruit consultants with the warmest attitude and who are always ready to help you
Answers to frequently asked questions. For other questions, please contact WhatsApp number +994504021022
Can I rent a dress in ALZA?
Yes, in ALZA boutique you can both buy and rent a dress: from each dress we have at least 2 copies - one for sale, one for rent.
What are the prices for rental and for the purchase of dresses?
The prices for renting evening dresses vary between 39 azn and 149 azn, for sale - between 99 azn and 489 azn. The prices for renting wedding dresses for a maiden wedding start from 200 azn, for a usual wedding - from 300 azn.
Can I make any changes on the dresses? (Cover, shorten the length, etc.)
Our boutiques have a professional tailor service that will help you make any changes to the dresses. Almost any changes are possible when buying or renting a dress. Therefore, do not worry, if your dress seems too open, long and so on, our professional tailors will always help you.
Is it possible for us to sew dresses?
As noted above, the boutique provides services of professional tailors, who can both make any changes on dresses, and sew an exclusive evening dress for you. Quality of tailoring and used materials is guaranteed!
What are the rental conditions?
To book the dress for the date you need, you need to pay 50% of the rental price, the remaining amount you will pay when you pick up the dress. The dress is issued for 3 days: the day before the event you take it, the day after the event you return. We guarantee that we will give you the dress on time, clean and tidy, and when you sign the lease, you also take the responsibility to return the dress not damaged. For more detailed information, please contact us at +995504021022
Our story
Zara Huseynova
ALZA was established without any experience, exposure, support, with a budget of just $200 and by 18 years old girl in Azerbaijan. Today, without any outside investment we have converted $200 and a Facebook page into a working business with 2 stories tall boutiques in the city center, run by 15 young women, all primary bread winners in their families.

This has not only been a challenge for me personally but also for the whole society around me to accept that it is possible.

So seeing and experiencing all of this by myself, I was sure that I m not alone and I wanted to create a space and tools for other women to keep pushing forward when they hear a lot of No's and it's impossible kind of feedback like I did. This is how WoWoman was founded. Also with zero budget, but with a strong drive to make a change. Read more about it here: www.wowoman.org More about my story here:
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